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Italian restaurant

Family owned and run, Sorrento is the result of one man's passion for delicious and authentic Italian & Mediterranean cuisine. Dani has worked in Fleet for over twenty years creating an outstanding reputation for quality and service, he truly bonded with the area and the community and couldn't think of a more suitable place to bring his own restaurant dreams to life.

history of the restaurant

Sorrento first opened it's doors in 2018 and is a vibrant, flourishing restaurant delivering the highest quality, fresh and seasonal dishes. The location of Sorrento has been known as a food destination for many decades. Many older customers recall days when it was a coffee shop whilst others recall it's history as a previous Italian restaurant.
Today, Dani and his family team want to provide customers with new and lasting fond memories and they look forward to giving you a very warm welcome.
Dani has worked in Italian and Mediterranean both in the kitchen as a Chef, as well as in Front of House as a Waiter and Manager. This has allowed him to learn, not only how to cook and create delicious Italian food, but also how to connect with customers and give them the best possible experience.

Sorrento is not only an Italian restaurant, but a family restaurant. All staff here work as a team. Dani works alongside his wife and children, and considers his staff and customers all a part of the Sorrento family.
A relaxed and friendly atmosphere is evident, it truly feels like being at home. Families, couples, groups, and solo diners are all equally welcome.

Sorrento Restaurant
Sorrento Restaurant
Only the highest quality food is served using fresh ingredients. Perfectly blended flavours, cresting sumptuous dishes. Chefs are chosen because of their passion for cooking and willingness to continue to learn and create.

The Front of House team deliver impeccable, individual service and understand what customers want from their server, whether it's a friendly chat or a quiet meal.

Our diners should expect the best from us. Our Front of House strive to provide individualised service for our customers. They understand what customers want from their server, whether it’s a friendly chat or a quiet meal. We strive to give every customer what they want from us.
Message from Dani,
"I promise our customers that I will work hard to continuously provide them with the best by being the connection between the food and the service"

Come and visit, enjoy our hospitality and become one of the Sorrento family.